Detailed Programme


The distinguished lectures were selected from publications, prizes and funding that occurred between August 2016 and August 2017 at the i3S. The first list, with over 200 achievements, included most impactful publications, suggestions from i3S group leaders and material available at the i3S transversal units. From this list, 26 were selected based on excellence, innovative character, and interactive spirit that the i3S environment fosters. We have time to present the six that follow, chosen to reflect the diversity that we found.


A total of 220 abstracts were submitted for speed talks and were distributed among 10 thematics according to the keywords chosen by the presenting authors (21-23 abstracts per theme). The program includes 10 speed-talk sessions, each comprising 15 presentations. For each thematic (and session), 15 abstracts were selected for presentation in a manner that allowed a coherent, dynamic, well-balanced and representative session to be built. Each session is going to be moderated by two i3S members in order to promote discussion and interest among all participants. The 70 proposals that will not be selected for speed talks, will be presented in poster format. Although not initially planned, this option will ensure that all studies will have the chance to be presented.


Registration in social activities are open until 31st October at .

In an adaptation of the classical drawing board game, teams will be challenged to illustrate and guess thousands of words from i3S-Science related categories. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy the game, but we will certainly challenge your imagination.

Teams will be challenged to translate a word related to science into a canvas. We want you to unleash your creativity and surprise the jury, who will have to guess the word and select a winner. After all, aren’t we all artists?

BEER STORMING – Fundraising Challenge:
Did you know that drinking beer boosts your creativity? Grab a beer and let your imagination flow…. Come up with “wild” ideas for science fundraising. The most appealing initiatives may be put into action so you may have an excuse to drink more beer!

Join a team, create a tile based on your scientific background and exercise your creativity to make a story that connects all the tiles of your team. After all, aren’t we all somehow connected at i3S?

This activity will take you to points of reference in Póvoa and simultaneously test your knowledge about i3S! Use a GPS receiver and other navigational techniques to get lost and find yourself in Póvoa de Varzim.

This will be all about teamwork! Some creative adaptations of traditional games will lead to some hardworking time at the hotels’ green and pool. Your team will need your coordination, perseverance and resilience to complete a series of wild challenges. You can organize a claque for your team!

This year you’ll get the great chance to know some special spots in Póvoa de Varzim besides the meeting venue. Join us in an amazing walk through its roots, history and traditions, and the next time you visit Póvoa, you’ll have something extra to share.

It does not require introduction! Just take the “work” out of workout, and have fun in the Zumba dance party. Let’s move, let’s smile, let’s have a memorable moment!

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. Just relax, take a deep breath and let your body flow.

Do you like to play tennis? What about padel? It is adapted from tennis and played over a century! It has no double lanes, a smaller court and the net is lower. If you think it is easier just give it a try. Join us in a padel lesson and enjoy the game!


Publishing is fundamental for science in order to perpetuate knowledge and foster new knowledge. At the same time, various metrics associated with published papers are used to evaluate scientific performance. Consequently, the pressure to publish in high impact journals has contributed to the development of a publishing business that has distorted the way of doing science. In response to these phenomena, new publishing trends have emerged: Open access publications now established in the EU, pre-print archives as alternatives to peer review processes, or even the development of collaborative repositories where the quality of the data is publicly discussed. The session “New Trends in Publishing” aims to present and discuss those emerging trends in publishing and lead the i3S community to reflect on the impact they may have on research.


Since the event will take place during São Martinho, our traditional Magusto will be the ideal way to joyfully close off the meeting. This usually very well-attended gathering will serve the purpose of bringing people of all services and departments together.